A subscription benefit is a member of Society of Nuclear Medicine.

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A subscription benefit is a member of Society of Nuclear Medicine.The Society of Nuclear Medicine is an international scientific and professional organization of more than 14 000 members dedicated to the advancement of science, technology and practical applications of nuclear medicine. The SNM is in Reston, VA is based. They have shown that they introduce pauses in protein production by. Introducing such sequences in genes.

Every living cell in every tissue within every organism on earth is constantly expression of genes and their translation into proteins – from to our earliest our dying day. A significant amount of energy we burn fuel more than anything this fundamental process.Indicating cell to Nervous System Repairstem cell seem to have a a promising source of new cells for repair of nervous system, both in the brain and spinal marrow to be. An animal model the researchers demonstrated that neural stem cells which called cell survival factors MEF2 could help repaired the brain damage to caused by stroke, if it put injected with the site of injury. Under influence of stem cells to the active MEF2 nerve cells to transform the after injection.

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