For many years.

Feb 13th, 2015 by admin in nutrition

First , most countries have not been quality of the food on advertising to children by the calorie content or other nutrient product and marketing channels via broadcast advertising is largely ignored. Secondly, our research has shown that a certain level of anarchy at the moment and found that the concepts of state, not be fixed be fixed, because even though they seem to be willing, there is chaos in the details, with a lot of opposition offers all sectors. .. For many years, experts have argued for public health that the marketing of calorie – packed food and beverages for children contribute to the global obesity problem, but the problem has more traction in recent years, gained the concern about the level of childhood and obesity has grown and efforts to combat it have progressed.

At the International Congress on Obesity in Stockholm, Tim Lobstein presented an analysis of the political landscape in as part as part of the European Commission to support policy making to support decision making on the marketing of food to children made.One reason is that on to be in poor health, conurbations to improve access to healthcare services, including the hemodialysis service move to.

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