5 May

Pennsylvania car insurance tailor-made

Pennsylvania car insuranceIt might surprise you to know that your Pennsylvania car insurance can be matched to your personal needs and your lifestyle. In fact, it probably already is.  Comparing your various options will help you make it a tighter match with your needs and also will help you make sure that you are not paying a penny more than you have to.

First, a little information on how pricing is arrived at. You may have already noticed that your policy price is different from those of others in your family or social circle, even though you may be the same age. The reason for that has to do with risk and how individual risk is calculated.

A car insurance pricing example

Let’s say you are a female, living in a suburb, a 35-year-old married woman who works at home and does not commute. Suppose you have no points on your driving record, have never filed a single claim and you drive a brand new vehicle loaded with safety options.

Your cousin is a male urban dweller of the same age. He commutes 10 miles to work in heavy traffic, has had a couple of moving violations and one accident claim. His car is 10 years old.

Who pays more?  The male pays more.  That’s because living and commuting in an urban setting are higher risk factors, and his driving record is less than stellar.  His older car has far fewer safety features and of course, men do get in more accidents than women. So that is why you may see some big differences in premium rates between people who might, on the surface, seem similar.

How to reduce your car insurance premium

The lesson from this example is simple: Newer cars are cheaper to insure and if they have a bundle of safety features, you will do even better with pricing scenarios. It pays to keep your driving record clean and your claim history clean as well.  You can’t do anything about your gender, but you can take a defensive driving course, which can help keep your rates lower.  You might consider taking public transportation instead of commuting in heavy traffic, or perhaps car-pooling. Of course, if you are one of the drivers you may have additional risk, so check carefully.

The point is to change what you can change and find other ways to get discounts, such as taking a safe driving course or paying your premium once a year.