Transport Workers may soon Trackside Sporting RFID tags to improve safety.

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The idea is to use radio frequency identification to transmit a signal to approaching subway operators to inform them of the presence of track workers. Currently, subway operators have various manual methods indicate the presence of inspection teams such as the level of emissions or colored lights that indicate the sections where work is in progress. Vedette inform workers of approaching vehicles to the track rail.This technology will be the first solution of its kind in the world, said Pankaj Sood, MRAL. We’ll see how to create a complete ecosystem of communication that use automated technologies such as RFID systems, sensors, networks, data processing, user interfaces and new antenna technology.

Bombardier Transportation, McMaster RFID Applications Lab and Ontario Centres of Excellence has undertaken a $ 1.4 million collaborative research to develop location awareness technology that can be used to warn vehicles of the position of underground track inspectors exact and workers in other ways.

Our customers have asked us if we could develop a better way to communicate the position of the track to improve workers’ safety, said Keith Sheardown, general manager, Bombardier Transportation Technology Solutions unit. We have developed some concepts at the beginning and now we are looking for the team at McMaster University RFID to help us complete the solution and test it.

The results, published in the magazine’s December 21, 2009, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, also explain how fats, known as POPG, helps the lungs to tolerate an avalanche of daily inhaled inflammatory irritants.

When you have an industry leader and Research Top Institute are working together is an example of what can be created, said John MacRitchie, Business Development, Ontario Centres of Excellence. The development of these solutions could lead to the growth of technology providers in this segment and the creation of new jobs.

It also develops local expertise in this segment, which is in demand around the world.

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